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Business is personal and its currency is relationships. So, it’s at the heart of everything we do. Clique is about connecting people, platforms and organisations to create tangible value and deliver exceptional results. Our international networks, experience and credibility in the high net-worth, luxury, lifestyle & celebrity sectors are without peer. Our influential relationships have been developed over the past 20 years and continue to grow and strengthen on a daily basis.

Relationship development is the critical element of success – whether in a commercial strategy or an exciting social life. Cultivating relationships is accelerated when facilitated by a trusted introducer and in the appropriate setting. Clique offer significant opportunities for both relationship and financial growth, along with quick access to new markets through our carefully curated programme of annual events and tailored introductions.

Clique can be split into 5 key components: Clique 100 Club, Clique Luxury Events, Clique PR, Clique Connect & Clique Concierge. All of which are born out of the 10,000 plus personal relationships we hold with HNWs, business leaders, philanthropists, celebrities and investors, which have been built up over 20 years.

Directly engaging with relevant consumers is a challenge faced by every business, and building these connections takes time. At Clique the unique relationships we hold enable us to reach key decision-makers and target respected influencers at relevant organisations.

Whether launching a new product, planning a global campaign, establishing access to targeted opinion formers, creating new sales channels or fund raising, our diverse portfolio of services and direct, high level contacts enables our clients and members to meet their commercial targets and fulfil their objectives. Our mission is simple – to deliver business growth and have a great time doing it!

About The Company

The Profile Club was founded in 2011 by Barbara Hallwood, Managing Director of Marketing Profile, a PR and Events Company based in Cheshire. 

Barbara recognised the importance of top-level business introductions and was tired of hearing from clients how they hate ‘Mass networking’ but valued the importance of business introductions – the club was born. 

The Profile Club offered a refreshing approach through carefully structured bespoke events which were welcoming, relaxed but truly effective. Each year membership is limited to just 100 senior executives.

The aim of The Profile Club was to carefully bring together 100 individuals across a whole range of sectors within Manchester, Cheshire and the North West.

In 2019 Barbara, along with 20 members, the “Boodles Tennis @ The Mere in Knutsford” ran by Clique Events. There she met Sarah the Business Development Manager for Clique Luxury Events and a connection was formed, leading to the acquisition of The Profile Club and the creation of “Clique 100” Club.

One of the desires for The Profile Club was for its members to be a part of larger scale events,  like the Tennis events ran by Clique Events and so the opportunity for the two businesses to merge was born plus the chance to expand the Club across multiple locations with Clique’s infrastructure in Leeds and Manchester. 

The Profile Club’s motto “Created with you in Mind” influenced the decision for the acquisition so members could benefit from a larger client exposure leading to bigger and even more profitable business connections. 




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